365 days – time takes to develop, test, register, and release a modern and effective product.


Science as a major resource and foundation of the development

Two Research & Development Departments (perfume and cosmetics, and food) daily conduct a lot of research, study hundreds of ingredients and calculate dozens of formulas in order to create useful, effective, and natural products with proven effect.

  • 2 laboratories
  • 350 projects per year
  • 16 people in the development team
  • 160 laboratory tests per month
  • 200 volunteers for test groups
Разработка идеи
Отбор компонентов
Селекция прототипов
Контроль качества
Регистрация и выпуск

From idea to reality: 5 steps

  • Idea development

    We study the needs of the modern human and analyze trends in wellness, sport and beauty in order to offer people the most effective and up-to-date products.

  • Selection of prototypes

    Together with global manufacturers of key ingredients, our team looks for the most innovative, unique, and safe ingredients. Thus we guarantee our Clients in all countries the highest product quality and the confidence of its exclusivity.

  • Selection of prototypes

    In our high-tech laboratories, we develop various product formulas and test them in vitro as well as on groups of volunteers. This allows us to understand what is most important to our Clients and what they expect from future products.

  • Quality control

    Our goal is to give people a safe product of perfect quality. We do this by selecting the safest preservatives possible, examining microbiological indicators and subjecting test samples to critical storage conditions for the shelf life indicated on the package.

  • Registration and release

    It takes from one to four months for cosmetics and food products and more than six months for complex supplements to be approved by the regulatory authorities. This time is necessary to check for compliance with the laws of each country in which the products will be sold. Therefore, we can offer Clients the products in their original forms without modifications or adaptations.

Адаптационная медицина

25+ years of Siberian Wellness scientific experience.

  • Endoecology

    Endoecology is the science that studies and develops the ways and means of maintaining the internal environment of the body as pure, thereby ensuring normal functioning of all organs and tissues. Endoecology is a new branch of scientific medicine, which is primarily meant to prevent diseases rather than to cure them.

  • Adaptation medicine

    Adaptation medicine studies adaptive capabilities of human beings to environmental conditions. In particular, adaptive medicine actively researches action of natural adaptogenes which help to increase defensive functions of the body while its adapting to new conditions.

  • Chronobiology

    Chronobiology is the science that studies the genesis, nature, principles and importance of biological rhythms, and the way they relate to human health.

Siberian Wellness as a lifestyle

  • Юрий Гичев
    Yury Gichev
    The Head of Siberian Wellness Research and Innovation Center
  • Дарья Прусова
    Daria Prusova
    Head of Research and Development Department (Food)
  • Евгения Ивахина
    Evgeniya Ivakhina
    Head of Research and Development Department (Perfume & Cosmetics)

Scientific technologies in product development

As the world moves on, breakthrough solutions come out to the market of biologically active substances every several years. The Research and Innovation Center immediately implemets them into life!
  • Vcaps® – кошерно, халяльно, по-вегански

    Vcaps® – kosher, halal and vegan

    Vcaps® capsules are a perfect match for pure Siberian Wellness products. They are made on the basis of natural components, they have certificates of kosher and halal and they are approved by vegetarian and vegan communities. Lonza company technology.

  • Косметические лактобактерии – тренд в поддержании красоты

    Cosmetic lactobacillus – a trend of beauty care

    Biotechnology for cosmetics based on pre- and probiotics, bacterial lysates. Confirmation of selective growth of favourable ecoflora. Powerful cosmetic prebiotics that, through selective stimulation, enhance the growth and metabolic activity of "good" microorganisms while reducing the number of "bad" ones.

    Products made by this technology:

  • Pure Max™ – трижды очищаем омега-3

    Pure Max™ – triple Omega-3 cleansing

    To get extra purified omega-3 acids by Incromega™ a triple molecular distillation is employed. This way a product is freed from any harmful impurities and contains exceptionally high concentration of useful active substances. Croda Health Care Company technology.

  • Гиалуроновая кислота – главный anti-age агент века

    Hyaluronic acid – the main anti-aging agent of the century

    We use hyaluronic acid of various molecular weights (from 2 to 3,000 kilodaltons) with clinically proven properties (ExceptionHYAL® Full, ExceptionHYAL Relief®, PrincipHYAL AURORA®) to achieve targeted skin penetration for maximum hydration and maintenance of collagen and elastin levels.

  • Косметические лактобактерии – тренд в поддержании красоты

    IntroVIT technology – prolonging the life of vitamins

    Controlled technology for including vitamins in finished products (syrups, tablets) taking thermal stability into account. Thus we give a guaranteed amount of vitamins for the entire shelf life of the product.

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