A selective approach to ingredients – a guarantee of product effectiveness

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Discover the real Siberia – take an exciting journey across the vast expanses of Altai, Baikal, and Yakutia. Explore the unique nature of the protected areas, discover the fascinating world of endemic animals and plants, immerse in the history of harsh and mysterious Siberia!

Best suppliers from all over the world

A verified, reliable and certified supplier is a guarantee of stable quality of raw material during all shelf-life terms of the product. The companies of Russia, France, Germany, Spain, USA and Switzerland are among our suppliers.

The product components

From rare Siberian Rhododendron to rich Incromega™, from Eutectys™ actives to tsubaki and Reishi mushroom. Whatever the product, you will always find effective, safe and natural ingredients in it.

Production line eco-environment: A clean approach

Multi-level water and air filtration systems, eco-clean flooring and bio-degradable components usage.

Taste what we produce for 60+ countries worldwide.

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