Created in Siberia, demanded all over the world

  • 3 production facilities
  • 18 types of production lines
  • 24 450 m2 total area of the production complex
  • 5 780 laboratory tests per month

International quality standards

Our internal requirements are more strict than those provided by the law. It is proved by international certificates – the sections conform even to strict standards of pharmaceutical industry.


HACCP system is a science-based and rational approach that allows calculating possible risks and vulnerabilities of a product at the development stage and establishing further additional control. This means that the product can be further developed and improved at any time.

What does it mean?

HACCP standard certifies full compliance of products with food industry standards: microbiological, chemical, physical and other parameters. The combination of these standards guarantees the end consumer a safe, high quality product.


Our manufacturing plant, Laboratory of Modern Health, is officially registered with the United States Department of Health and Human Services, Food and Drug Administration and has the registration number.

What does it mean?

FDA (Food and Drug Administration) is the United States agency that regulates the production and release of food and pharmaceutical products. It is one of the executive organizations in the USA within the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and Public Health Service (PHS). The FDA makes the final decision on approval or disapproval of the product for sale on the US markets.


GMP certification is a fundamental document in the field of pharmaceutical and cosmetic production. Its main function is to regulate production processes in order to maintain the quality and safety of the goods produced.

What does it mean?

This standard defines and regulates the production, control, storage and transportation of products, thus protecting human life and health. The certificate confirms the high qualifications of the production staff, compliance with hygiene regulations and the required laboratory tests.

Each product line requires a different GMP certificate. At Siberian Wellness, these standards are assigned to the cosmetics and food supplement lines.


ISO certificate (22000:2018) is one of the main standards that certify food safety.

What does it mean?

ISO certificate guarantees compliance with all safety measures at every stage of production from the preparation of raw materials to the production of finished products. It integrates all the process participants into a common system, creating a unified product "life" line.


Almost all of our products – from food supplements to sports nutrition – meet the needs of people who adhere to the principles of halal. This makes Siberian Wellness formulas easy to adopt in almost all countries, which increases trust in the international brand.

What does it mean?

HALAL certificate confirms that Siberian Wellness products do not contain ingredients that are forbidden for Muslims and do not violate the established norms and principles of halal in any production process.

Multitasking – a major advantage

Our production capacity and high-tech equipment from Japan, South Korea, Europe, and Russia make it possible to produce products in absolutely different forms: Dry, liquid, solid, powdered, and paste-like.

Taste what we produce for 60+ countries worldwide

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