Nature kindly gives us all its best and we, in turn, treat the delicate environment with due care. Green focus is must for any project of the laboratory.

Животные не для тестов: каждая жизнь на счету
Природа создает – мы бережно используем и храним
«Зеленые» составы: безопасность превыше всего
«Умное» производство: выдох чище, чем вдох

Eco-approach: Live consciously, think globally, act extensively

  • Animals are not for tests: Every life counts

    We totally reject outdated and inhumane methods of product testing on animals and believe that technological progress should be used for the benefit of all living creatures. This is why we test our products in vitro and involve groups of volunteers.

  • Nature creates – we carefully use and preserve

    Our cosmetic products are based on natural ingredients and botanical extracts As a result, they have a naturalness rate of 99.5% – the highest possible rate.

  • "Green" compositions: Safety is paramount

    Our products are free from sulphates, parabens, phthalates, artificial dyes, mineral oils, fragrances and other substances potentially harmful to humans and the environment.

  • Smart production: Exhale is cleaner than inhale

    Multistage water and air filtration systems at the Siberian Wellness production line minimize harmful emissions, and high-tech control sensors help rationalize the consumption of natural resources.

Course is set – course is unchanged: Sustainable development

To protect nature and preserve its diversity, our team is active in several key areas: Improving eco-friendly production, supporting environmental protection projects and developing a culture of conscious consumption. These are all key goals of the global sustainable development strategy.

Курс взят – курс неизменен: устойчивое развитие

"The World Around You": Following the call of the heart and nature

Ten years ago we have launched "The World Around You" foundation presenting people a real opportunity to participate in programs for restoration and protection of unique flora and fauna. We take care of snow leopards (irbis) and study the environmental situation of the World's largest lake in collaboration with Baikal Environment Protection Movement... You can learn more about these and other projects of The World Around You Foundation here. Watch, act, think!

«Мир Вокруг Тебя»: следовать зову сердца и природы

Taste what we produce for 60+ countries worldwide

Курс взят – курс неизменен: устойчивое развитие