Экоподход — Modern Health Laboratory — Siberian Wellness
The nature kindly gives us all its best and we, in turn, treat the delicate environment with due care. Green focus is must for any project of the Laboratory.
Filtration systems: exhale is cleaner than inhale
We installed multi-level water and air filtration systems at the operation lines of the Laboratory of Modern Health. As engineers joke, the exhale can be cleaner than inhale.
Eco-components: purity in each gram
You will not find sulfates, parabens, phthalates in our products.
The World Around You: when nature calls
Seven years ago we have launched "The World Around You" project which is a real opportunity to participate in programs for restoration and protection of unique flora and fauna. Along with WWF we take care of snow leopards (irbis) and study the environmental situation of the World's largest lake in collaboration with Baikal Environment Protection Movement... You can learn more about these and other projects of The World Around You Foundation here.  Watch, act, think!
Together with "The World Around You" Charity Foundation you can create and realize the global strategy for saving snow leopards and avert the extinction of this unique species.
Baikal resources are not endless at all! We aspire to attract attention to the problem and help people, partial to the fate of Baikal, to stop the damages.
Taste what we produce for 65 countries worldwide.